Astronomy Seminars 


This is a rare opportunity for home-schoolers and parents to see the latest Hubble space telescope photographs with explanations from a Biblical perspective.  You have probably heard about it.  Now is your chance to take in a program that every Christian should see.

See a motorized Solar System in black light with lots of visual aids:  Comets, Planets, etc.  This program is great for kids and adults!  You will see hundreds of slides of the universe.  We are constantly updating with the latest Hubble telescope photos.

Even though the Bible is not intended to be a science book, you will be amazed to see how the Bible writers were prevented from following the errors of their times.  Many Bible texts thought absurd 100 years ago have now been proven correct.

This is a non-denominational presentation.  Our goal is to show that "the Heavens declare the glory of God" through the Genesis account of Creation.  The evil mask of astrology will be stripped away by showing how the sings of the Zodiac are a counterfeit for the story of salvation as originally told in the heavenly constellations.  There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.

We hire the local astronomy clubs to bring in telescopes for viewing the heavens (weather permitting).  See Saturn with its rings and moons, Jupiter with its moons, Mars and our Moon.  You must be registered to take part in viewing through the telescopes.

This program is recommended for children in grades 3 through 12.

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Lecture Titles (three consecutive* evenings)

PROGRAM #1 "The Hubble, the Bible and the Big Bang (that Never Happened)"
PROGRAM #2 "Introduction to Astronomy from a Biblical Perspective" and "The Best Hubble Photos"
PROGRAM #3 "Space Show from the Biggest Observatories of the World", "Star of Bethlehem" and "Heaven Our Real Home"

* In some rare cases we cannot do consecutive days.
  Dates, times and addresses are always listed, or available from links, in the Events Calendar.

NOTE:  Some sponsored seminars may be different lengths and/or some combination of the above programs.


Lectures from 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm
Viewing through telescopes usually begins after dark and continues till 9:30 pm

NOTE:  Some sponsored seminars may be at different times and may not include telescope viewing.


INDIVIDUAL $20 per person (no workbook) for entire three-session seminar
($10 per person per session if not attending all sessions)
FAMILY $45 per family (includes one workbook) for entire three-session seminar
($20 per family per session if not attending all sessions)
WORKBOOK $5 for each additional workbook (available for purchase at the door by cash or check)

NOTE:  Some seminars are sponsored by another entity and are free to the public.  A free-will offering may be taken to cover expenses.


Please register before the day of the seminar by one of the following methods:
CALL (303) 233-5353 (local call from inside the Denver area) or 
SELECT here for On-line Registration (only with payment by credit card).

NOTE:  Some sponsored seminars may not require registration.  Call if you have questions.

We promise never to sell, rent or give your personal information to anyone, period.

This Seminar is presented by Jim Burr, Heavens Declare (HDI) and Jim's Mobile, Inc..