Jim Burr's Astronomy Seminar Bio 

The Hubble, the Bible and the Big Bang (that Never Happened)

This program on the Heavens is one you won't want to miss.  Filled with all of the latest Hubble slides, these lectures are a must for home-schoolers.  Many people have said that they were never the same after seeing the Universe through the eyes of the Hubble and presented from a Biblical perspective.  The presentations are conducted by Jim Burr, founder of JMI Telescopes and recognized throughout the world for his achievements in telescope design and manufacturing, including 12", 18", 25", 30" and 40" diameter instruments.  Mr. Burr has nine patents and lectures about 100 times per year at churches and schools from North America to Russia.  He has over 30 TV appearances seen worldwide, including Sky Angel satellite broadcasts.  Mr. Burr is an amateur astronomer.