Policies and Procedures 

PRIVACY POLICY.  Because we respect your privacy, information from our database is never sold, rented or distributed to anyone outside of Heavens Declare (HDI).

INFORMATION SECURITY for on-line registration is maintained in the following manner:  If you are paying by credit card, your registration is processed in two parts.  All of your information, except your credit card number, is emailed directly to HDI from the registration entry form without leaving the server on which our web site is hosted and without traveling over the Internet.  The remaining portion of the registration involves ONLY your credit card number, with no name, address, expiration date or other information that could be tied to the card number.  This information is entered separately using a secure connection and is emailed separately to HDI.  The only way this number can be tied to the rest of the registration is via the last four digits of the credit card number which have been entered with the rest of the registration.  If anyone were able to intercept this number it would be as worthless as a made-up number.  The two parts of the registration are "re-assembled" within the offices of HDI before the registration is processed.  Also, since credit card charges are not initiated over the Internet, our customer database is not susceptible to Internet hackers.