Comments from Our Friends 

"I am very happy today because I am writing this letter to you and I hope you will surely read this letter.  I am from Nepal.  I am 18 year old boy from a small town.  I also like astronomy.  That's why I used to watch your show.  Thank you so much for this show.  I love all things in the universe.  I feel so happy and joy when I watch the universe at night.  Praise Jesus for all this good creation..."  H. A.

"...I particularly enjoyed your lecture because there was the perfect balance between scientific information and humor, which kept me engaged.  You opened all of our eyes to astronomy and for that we are very grateful.  Thank you."  S. O. (University of Colorado student and Frontiers of Science Institute participant–2009)

"...This was my favorite lecture so far.  Your information on the complexity and scale of the universe was both exciting and terrifying; exciting that there is so much to study and terrifying because we can explain so little.  The information provided on nuclear fission was extremely interesting and inspired me to find out more about the subject....  Another facet of the presentation that I found enthralling were the holes in the big bang theory.  This topic is hardly ever discussed despite its importance....  Thanks for the great lecture.  Its impact dwarfed the 90-minute duration."  P. T. (University of Colorado student and Frontiers of Science Institute participant–2009)

"Thank you so much for coming to share your love of the universe with our Earth Science students.  They enjoyed your pictures and especially the opportunity to view space through a telescope.  I know you have a busy schedule so taking the time to help our students learn beyond textbook knowledge means a lot.  Thanks again!"  C. S.

"This note comes to thank you again for coming and sharing with us....  There's something about peering into the vast universe that frees the mind and soul of the things that so easily beset us in the here and now.  It causes us to see a little farther into God's infiniteness and to see less of the shifting sand upon which we have attempted to forge a foundation....  Your presentation has refreshed my spirits and revived my thirst for knowing more intimately this God of all wisdom, might, power and love!  What a work He is able to do in all of us as we allow that same power that works and keeps the universe to work in and keep us!"  B. K.

"That was the most powerful, moving presentation I've heard in years.  I can understand why people in Russia [had tears in their eyes]."  E.

"I didn't know how beautiful the heavens are until I looked through your telescopes.  You and your presentation are the most positive public relations that has happened at our school — at least 30 parents have thanked the school and said how much they appreciated your efforts."  Nila Tritt, PhD, Director of Challenge to Excellence Charter School

"Your knowledge and your PASSION gives the glory to God and points others to Him.  What a unique and much-needed ministry you have."  N. C.

"I read your paper on 'Starlight and Time.'  It was very well written, easy to understand and very helpful.  Admittedly I was once a 'Y6K' person.  The reason was that I knew that the Bible was talking about six 24-hour periods when talking about creation.  The mistake I made was (like I'm sure a lot of people do) that I didn't make the separation of the creation of the universe and the creation of the earth.  After reading your paper and reading the creation account of Genesis with that in mind, I realized that no only does the Bible not suggest the universe was created in that same period, but it would also create tremendous problems with the wording of the Bible if it was talking about the creation of the Universe.  The information I gained from the paper will serve as a tool in my future as a Christian and it was very eye opening and for that I would like to thank you very much."  D. R. (University of Colorado student and Frontiers of Science Institute participant)

"I am an FSI student who attended your presentation about astronomy.  I would like to start off by saying that overall you were one of my favorite presenters we have had this year (and we have had a lot).  Some of the pictures were just awe inspiring (Then again they were created by He who numbers the stars, right)...."  D. R. (University of Colorado student and Frontiers of Science Institute participant)

"The seminar at UNC was one of my favorites.  I was sitting in the front row and was mesmerized by the pictures in front of me.  The ... 'joke slides' were side-splitting.  I really enjoyed seeing all of the colors from the gases of the stars as well.  Seeing how many [galaxies] there were was a hoot.  I can hardly believe it still.  Looking through the small straws to see what the Hubble Telescope saw was extreme.  I have to admit I couldn't put the straw down for the next couple minutes...  Thank you for coming to UNC for a seminar of a lifetime...  You have made a wonderful memory for the 2005 FSI group."  M. C. (University of Colorado student and Frontiers of Science Institute participant)

See the October 23, 2003 article in the Worthington Daily Globe, Worthington, Minnesota.

See the July 31, 2003 article in the Daily Journal, Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

"Just a note to say thank you and tell you 'what a blessing!'  People are still stopping me in the hall to tell me what an impact you have had on their lives.  ...  As for myself, I can only say that never before could I really comprehend it, when I said, 'My awesome God.'  You made space and eternity real."  L. D.

"Thank you so much for taking time away from your family and your business to share your knowledge and wisdom with us.  Your passionate love for astronomy and Jesus are so evident and contagious that I know young hearts were changed.  Thank you for giving 'my kids' a clearer understanding of the glory and majesty of God and the joy that will be ours when we spend eternity with Him.  Our prayers are with you as you continue to love and serve Him.  God bless"  G. B.

"Thank you so much for the interesting and informational presentation updating us on the Hubble discoveries.  I didn't know how beautiful the heavens are until I looked through your telescopes.  You, and your presentation, are the most positive public relations that has happened at our school—at least 30 parents 'thanked' the school and said how much they appreciated your efforts and ours in inviting you..."  N. T.

"I saw only part of your interview (on TV) but what I did see I'll never forget—the Horsehead Hebulae of Orion.  Many a night before I go to sleep, I go there in my memory and gaze at that glorious light, joying in the thought that the horse is ready for Jesus to mount up any time now to come get us.  Thank you so much for that awesome picture!"  U. S.

"Jim does a wonderful job of weaving together the facts of our universe and the awesomeness of our Creator.  Jim does it in such a way that God is honored and worthy of our worship.  I believe you will find Jim's presentations to be interesting, educational and a blessing!"  Rod Adams, Camp ID-RA-HA-JE

"You never spoke over our heads and made things interesting and easy to grasp.  We are so thankful that you took time from your heavy schedule to share with us, and to bring the big telescope for us to see for ourselves!  We know this is something that the kids as well as adults learned from and enjoyed experiencing.  In fact, we still have kids talking about if from last summer!  Thank you again so much."  D. & C. R.

"Your classes helped to open up a whole new world to my children.  What an added bonus to be able to see the comet at the same time.  Thank you for the many hours and hard work you put into the seminar.  Your passion for the Lord and His creation energized the meetings like nothing else could."  Vicki Brady, HEN Radio Host

"I wanted to thank you from the depths of my heart for giving the astronomy classes.  They inspired me in how big and wonderful our creator is.  How He loves us so much.  Looking at the many extraordinary slides you shared I realized for the first time how vast space is.  For space to be so magnificent, just think a how much more magnificent our Father is.  Now every time I look at the night sky and see the stars so very far away sparkling like diamonds, or when I see the brightness of a full moon, I praise the Lord for his overwhelming greatness."  J. C. (a 16 year old home-school student)

"Your talk on Heaven broke my heart and was such a blessing!  I hope it won't be long till we are all there."  J. S.

"Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to teach astronomy—Christian Astronomy—to our home-school community...  Thank you very much!"  D. & B. H.

"I thank God for your wonderful class that you are giving us.  Your powerful witness has not gone unnoticed.  God bless you and His work in and through you."  T. D.